Signature Areas

OARDC has identified three signature areas that align Ohio’s highest needs with the Center’s greatest strengths. By focusing on areas of research excellence and strategic importance, OARDC has directed its resources to advance knowledge and generate economic development opportunities for the people of Ohio and beyond.

Advanced Bioenergy

Advanced Bioenergy and Biobased Products

As the importance of renewable sources for energy and materials increases, research and industry partnerships come together in this signature area to develop biomass-based advanced energy technologies and value-added biobased products such as fuels, specialty chemicals, and fiber products.

Environmental qualityEnvironmental Quality and Sustainability

Work in this signature area seeks to understand, protect, and remediate the environment and ecosystems to ensure long-term sustainability. At the core of this effort is the realization that sustaining population and economic growth must be balanced with the preservation of natural resources and environmental assets.

Human healthFood Security, Production and Human Health

This signature area focuses on improving agricultural production; enhancing the quality of food and feed; ensuring an adequate, affordable, and safe food supply; and maintaining agrosecurity to ensure food security and the basics of nutritional health for a growing global population.