Industry Liaison Office


The Industry Liaison Office (ILO) at Ohio State was launched in December 2008 to foster economic development opportunities in Ohio and beyond by connecting business and industry to Ohio State discoveries, groundbreaking research, and experts in targeted research areas. In 2011, the CFAES established an ILO position to specifically support the OARDC research agenda, to assure the access of our industry base to the compentiencies and assets within the college, and to connect our faculty to the possibilities that external partnerships make possible. Additionally the CFAES-ILO office plays a critical role in assuring that industry partners have access to the all of the compentiencies and capabilities across the total university. The focus of the CFAES-ILO office is to identify the strengths of OARDC and to effectively link those capabilities to the industry partners that will realize the mutual benefit of these potential partnerships.

The ILO office strives to identify the needs and facilitate possibilities for all engagements. These range from “How do I get help on this?”, “How do I attract your students?”, “What are the leading edge technologies in my field?” and “How can I become more engaged is supporting the work of the college?” The overarching objective of the CFAES-ILO office is to establish a long lasting, sustainable, mutually beneficial strategic partnership. Every relationship starts with the first connection. We encourage you to reach out to our Industry Liaison Office and we will be very responsive to what ever your needs may be.


Dedicated to founding and fostering longstanding relationships with industry worldwide by aligning Ohio State’s core capabilities with industry needs and expectations, for mutual and global community benefit.

How We Can Help You


We will help you connect with industry by: 

  • Facilitating collaborations with companies looking for your specific area of expertise
  • Locating potential sources of industry funding for your research
  • Identifying companies specifically interested in building collaborative relationships with Ohio State researchers
  • Identifying learning experiences and internship, employment, and volunteer opportunities for students
  • Introducing you to key industry leaders and helping you gain access to industry facilities and personnel
  • Working with Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer to move your intellectual property toward commercialization
  • Promoting the university’s vast research potential and technological advances to industry


We will help you gain access to: 

  • Expertise from one of the nation’s leading public research universities
  • Training and continuing education programs for your workforce
  • Novel ideas, emerging technologies, and ground-breaking research developed by Ohio State's world-class faculty
  • Investment opportunities in high-tech start-up companies and information about licensing opportunities
  • State-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge equipment and instrumentation
  • Motivated, highly qualified students looking for internship, employment, and volunteer opportunities


For questions or for more information please contact:

Kelly Sitz
Executive Assistant

190 N Oval Mall
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: 614-292-5701