Statistical Support

Current Plan

To provide faculty, post-doctoral research associates and graduate students with a resource for statistical consultation, OARDC has negotiated an agreement with the OSU Statistical Consulting Service (SCS). The SCS will provide the services of a Senior Consulting Research Statistician (Ph.D. level) available for up to 20 hours or a graduate student consultant up to 10 hours to meet and work with faculty and their associated students and post-graduate professionals. If this service proves successful and the number of faculty using the SCS statistician increases, SCS is willing to have the Senior Consulting Research Statistician available on-site (Wooster) for meetings. SCS is an earnings unit within the university and their fees are set on a cost recovery basis. The Senior Consulting Statistician services are at a rate of $195/hr and the graduate student consultant’s services at a rate of $100/hr.

Consultant Services for Graduate Students

Statistical support services for graduate students will only be provided by SCS if approved by the faculty advisor. SCS recommends that students sign up for Statistics 5760. Graduate students should sign up for the section labeled LAB 13387. This course is not a statistics class in the traditional sense; there are no lectures, homework or exams. However, enrolling in this course allows a graduate student to have access to a graduate student consultant during the semester in which they are enrolled ( During the time that the graduate student is enrolled in this course SCS is providing statistical consultation for the student project at no other cost, than the cost for enrolling in the class.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Support?

Support for use of the SCS services is available to any faculty member with an OARDC appointment in the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Support will be granted on an annual basis of 20 hours of consultant time per faculty on a matching funds basis, similar to how we provide support for international travel. Once we have a history on the usage of the SCS services, then these hours may be adjusted to reflect the actual use. The 20 hours of consultant time is based on the concept that consultation for an individual project or statistical methodology requires approximately 10 hrs:
Initial consultation to explain need – 1 hr
Time for statistician to determine experimental design - 2 hrs
Time to analyze data and determine outcome - 5hrs
Final consultation to interpret results - 2 hrs
Total amount of consultant time for project - 10 hrs


OARDC administration is proposing to cost share the per hour charge for statistical services on a 1:1 basis up to 20 hrs of consultation per faculty member. 1-20 hrs consultation – administration will cover 50% and the investigator will be billed the remaining 50%. >20 hrs consultation – investigator covers 100% of the cost. OARDC will bill the investigator.

Application Process

Faculty must complete the form below to apply for statistical consultation support. Once approved, faculty will then need to complete the SCS request for service form: Questions should be directed to the attention of Dave Benfield, Associate Director, OARDC. Contact at 330.263.3703 or In the event that the assigned statistician is not able to meet your statistical needs, contact Dr. Chris Holloman, Director SCS and he will work with you to find a statistician that can understand your project need. Dr. Holloman has indicated that SCS is willing to work and assist us in our statistical consultant needs. We will use the next 6 months as an experiment to determine if this process will prove adequate and re-evaluate the agreement with SCS after that time. Please plan to use the service and report to me any concerns that I can relay to Dr. Holloman.

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