May 29th - August 4th, 2017

The OARDC Research Internship Program (ORIP) is aimed to provide research experiences for incoming junior and senior high school students and undergraduates at all levels. ORIP is tailored specifically to enhance student interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines by inculcating critical thinking skills through rigorous laboratory and field research experiences, seminars, group discussions and symposia. Specific research training areas include the biological, physical, computer, and social sciences and engineering and technology. Students will formally apply via the internet and will be selected on a competitive basis by the ORIP selection committee. The program is targeted for local students who have their own transport, although non-local students may apply if they can make their own accommodation and transport arrangements. 

ORIP will run for 10 weeks from May 29 to August 4, 2017. The selected research scholars will be required to work for a minimum of 30 hours per week, but daily hours will be flexible. A stipend of $2,400-$3,000 will be provided for the entire 10-week period depending upon the grade level and experience. Faculty may make separate arrangements with the scholars for additional employment. We request that all students are paid similar wages. Minority and needy students will be given special preference if they request such consideration. 

All research scholars will be required to attend the mandatory Lunch and Learn Sessions (free lunch with a planned seminar, group discussion, or social event). ORIP will conclude with a mini-symposium at which research scholars will present their research and share experiences. The entire OARDC community, local community leaders, school teachers, and parents will be invited to the mini-symposium. Research scholars will be required to submit a 2-3 page research paper and a one page summary describing their experience one week before the symposium. All scholars successfully completing the program will receive certificates. 

ORIP is funded through an equal cost share between the OARDC and the scholar’s faculty mentor. All Wooster-based OARDC faculty members are eligible to mentor research scholars. Interested OARDC faculty may request a summer intern mentorship AWARD which will provide 50% matching funds for the mentor to hire one or more summer research intern(s). Potential faculty mentors must fill a formal request using the OARDC Faculty Mentor Request for Research Intern Award Form. This request must briefly explain the research project in which the research scholar will be involved and identify specific activities and potential learning outcomes for the scholar. ORIP encourages faculty mentors to engage graduate students and post-docs in co-mentoring the young research scholars by engaging them in their specific research projects. This will enhance post-doc and graduate student experience and their research productivity. Faculty, post-doc, or graduate student mentors are expected to attend the research scholars’ Lunch and Learn Sessions and the mini-symposium at the conclusion of the 10-week program. 

Specific ORIP Benefits

Benefits to faculty mentors and OARDC community

  •     Cost-share with OARDC to obtain summer research associate(s)
  •     Enhanced competitive advantage for NSF funding opportunities
  •     Enhanced performance of graduate students and post-docs
  •     Intellectually stimulating research environment
  •     Obtain high quality student interns
  •     Enhanced research output

Benefits to graduate student and post-doc mentors

  •     Enhanced research productivity
  •     Grant writing experience
  •     Supervisory experience
  •     Mentoring experience
  •     Strengthen resume

Benefits to the local community

  •     Enhanced student interest in science in the area
  •     Enhanced performance of students in local schools
  •     Enhanced OARDC engagement with community
  •     Enhanced public support for OARDC