Faculty Development Grants

Faculty Development Grants for Support of International Travel, Conference Support and Invited Lecturers

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History: CFAES and several departments within the College have indicated the need to become "the best academic programs in the country." The OSU Academic Plan also indicates the need for strategic investments in faculty to achieve national and international recognition. In an effort to sustain a portion of these faculty development activities, the OARDC Director's Office established the OARDC Faculty Development Grants to partially support opportunities for international travel, conferences and invited speakers.

Eligibility: Faculty Development Grants are available to full-time tenure-track faculty, research scientists and non-tenured research faculty with OARDC appointments. Faculty without OARDC appointments, visiting faculty on sabbatical, visiting faculty on one-year appointments, post-doctoral research associates, graduate students and undergraduate students are not eligible for these awards.

Available awards, rules and regulations: Request for funds will be considered upon receipt of application, by the Associate Director’s Office on a first come, first serve basis, as long as funds are available. Request for reimbursement must be submitted to the OARDC Fiscal Office no later than 3 months after event date. All reimbursements received after the 3 month deadline will be forfeited.

Details about how to apply for assistance are described under each program.

1. International Travel:

  • Available for an invited paper at a significant international (outside of the U.S.) research conference; faculty must have been invited by conference organizers to present an invited symposium address, paper, or poster, or to participate in an international research planning process. Travel requests will be awarded first to symposium addresses, then to invited oral papers or international research planning processes, and finally posters. In meetings where poster presentations are the only invited medium for speakers, the requests will be considered similar to an oral presentation. However, the faculty member must provide documentation that posters are the only accepted media for presentation at the meeting.
  • Individual faculty are eligible once within a two-year period (defined from the first date of travel).
  • Awards will be up to a maximum of $1,200 and requires an equivalent amount in matching funds or greater from another unit of the University. (Please note that funding sources from sponsoring organizations’ monetary per diem or OARDC state subsidy funds do not meet the matching guidelines. Matching fund sources may include OARDC Development and G accounts.)
  • Click here to apply. Submit a statement describing the benefits of attending the conference, particularly how attending the conference, particularly how attending the meeting will impact your research program and how it benefits OARDC and CFAES. Also include a copy of the letter of invitation and an estimated budget (including per diem for food and lodging, airfare, registration fees and other costs) and the source of matching funds.

2. Conference Support:

  • Funds are intended for no more than two conference per academic department per year.
  • Funds will support a regional, national or international conference to be held on either the Wooster or Columbus campus of OSU.
  • Funding can be requested up to $2,000 and is not more than an equal match to that available from another unit of the University (non-OARDC funding) or other private or public (non-OARDC funding) source of funds.
  • Expenses should be covered by this and other funding sources and available after income/expense information is submitted for consideration.
  • Click here to apply. Submit a letter of description of the conference and a preliminary program if available, date of conference, location of conference, anticipated number of attendees, preliminary budget and the source of matching or greater funds. Also include a statement as to how this conference will enhance and meet the mission of OARDC and CFAES.

3. Invited Lecturers:

  • Funds are intended for no more than two invited scholars per academic department per year.
  • Selection of invited lecturers will be made by departments and must be the result of faculty, post doctoral research associates and graduate student input.
  • For departments with faculty and students at both the Columbus and Wooster campuses, lectures must be presented in person or via video presentation at both locations.
  • Program will provide funds on a cost-share basis of up to $1,250 including a $250 honorarium ($1,000 expenses; $250 honorarium).
  • Click here to apply. Submit a letter that includes the name and an attached biography of the lecturer, the date of the lecture, location of lecture, title of presentation, a preliminary budget, source of other supporting funds (non-OARDC) and a statement indicating how this speaker is important to the mission of OARDC and enhances the research of an individual academic department.

For additional information, please contact: 

Loren Harper, OARDC Director's Office
1680 Madison Avenue
Wooster, OH 44691
Phone: 330-263-3706
Email: harper.202@osu.edu