Food Security, Production and Human Health Experts

Name Email Department Specialization
David Francis
Professor Horticulture & Crop Science Plant Breeding & Genetics, Disease Resistance, Nutritional Quality
John Fulton
Associate Professor Food, Agricultural, & Biological Engineering Machinery Automation, Precision Agriculture, Precision Nutrient Stewardship
Lyda Garcia
Assistant Professor Animal Sciences Meat Science
Mary Gardiner
Associate Professor Entomology Ecology of Urban Vacant Land, Sustainable Agriculture, Arthropod Predators & Biological Control
David Gardner
Associate Professor Horticulture & Crop Science Turfgrass Stress Physiology, Broadleaf Weed Control, Nitrogen & Pesticide Fate in Turfgrass
Carri Gerber
Associate Professor, Program Coordinator: Biochemical Sciences & Environment & Natural Resources Ohio State ATI Ciliate Molecular Genetics
Monica Giusti
Associate Professor Food Science & Technology Functional Foods, Phytonnutrients, Natural Colorants
Renukaradhya (Aradhya) Gourapura
Assistant Professor OARDC Mucosal Immunology, Mucosal Vaccines Development, Developing Pig Models for Biomedical Research
Erich Grotewold
Professor Horticulture & Crop Science Plant Gene Regulatory Networks, Plant Metabolic Engineering
Tim Haab
Department Chair & Professor Agricultural, Environmental, & Development Economics Valuing Environmental & Natural Resources, the Econometrics of Non-Market Valuation