Food Security, Production and Human Health Experts

Name Email Department Specializationsort descending
Joe Scheerens
Professor Horticulture & Crop Science Fruit Phytonutrients for Health & Well-Being, Health-Beneficial Qualities of Horticulture Crops
Monica Giusti
Associate Professor Food Science & Technology Functional Foods, Phytonnutrients, Natural Colorants
Thomas Mitchell
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Advisor Plant Pathology Fungal Biology, Molecular Genetics
Jason Slot
Assistant Professor Plant Pathology Fungal Evolutionary Genomics
John Finer
Professor Horticulture & Crop Science Genetic Transformation & Transgene Expression in Crop Plants
Pablo Jourdan
Associate Professor Horticulture & Crop Science Germplasm Enhancement of Ornamental Trees & Shrubs
Carol Anelli
Professor & Associate Chair Entomology History of Entomology & Evolutionary Thought
Daniel Voltz
Associate Professor Ohio State ATI Horticultural Technologies Division (Landscape)
Luis Canas
Associate Professor & Graduate Studies Committee Chair Entomology Insect Pest Management for Ornamentals & Vegetables Grown in Controlled Environments
Peter Piermarini
Assistant Professor Entomology Insect Physiology & Molecular Biology, Medical & Veterinary Entomology