Environmental Quality and Sustainability Experts

Name Email Department Specialization
Robert Rupp
Assistant Professor
rupp.3@osu.edu Ohio State ATI Biology
Abdoul Sam
Associate Professor
sam.7@osu.edu Agricultural, Environmental, & Development Economics Applied Econometrics, Corporate Environmentalism, Development Economics, Financial Economics
Jeff Sharp
Director & Professor
sharp.123@osu.edu School of Environment & Natural Resources Rural Sociology, Sociology of Agriculture & Food Systems, Rural-Urban Interface, Local Foods
Brian Slater
Assistant Director & Associate Professor
slater.39@osu.edu School of Environment & Natural Resources Soil Classification, Soil Survey, Databases & Information Systems, Soil Hydrology
Brent Sohngen
sohngen.1@osu.edu Agricultural, Environmental, & Development Economics Natural Resource & Environmental Economics - Valuing Environmental Change
Mazeika Sullivan
Associate Professor & SENR Assistant Director: Schiermeier Olentangy River Wetland Research Park
sullivan.191@osu.edu School of Environment & Natural Resources Aquatic-Riparian Ecosystems
Eric Toman
Associate Professor
toman.10@osu.edu School of Environment & Natural Resources Social Dimensions of Coupled Human & Natural Systems
Elizabeth Toman
Visiting Assistant Professor
toman.11@osu.edu School of Environment & Natural Resources Forestry, Hydrology, Transportation
Christopher Tonra
Assistant Professor
tonra.1@osu.edu School of Environment & Natural Resources How Individuals Interact with Their Environments with a Focus on Avian Systems
Daniel Voltz
Associate Professor
voltz.5@osu.edu Ohio State ATI Horticultural Technologies Division (Landscape)