Environmental Quality and Sustainability Experts

Name Email Department Specialization
Sathya Gopalakrishnan
Assistant Professor
gopalakrishnan.27@osu.edu Agricultural, Environmental, & Development Economics Non-Market Valuation, Bioeconomics, Coupled Models of Human-Natural Systems
Suzanne Gray
Assistant Professor
gray.1030@osu.edu School of Environment & Natural Resources Aquatic Physiological Ecology
Tim Haab
Department Chair & Professor
haab.1@osu.edu Agricultural, Environmental, & Development Economics Valuing Environmental & Natural Resources, the Econometrics of Non-Market Valuation
Ryan Haden
Assistant Professor
haden.9@osu.edu Ohio State ATI Soils
David Hix
hix.6@osu.edu School of Environment & Natural Resources Quantitative Silviculture, Forest Stand Growth & Development, Applied Forest Ecology
Casey Hoy
Professor, Kellogg Endowed Chair in Agricultural Ecosystem Management
hoy.1@osu.edu Entomology Agricultural Ecosystems Management, Agroecosystem Health
Elena Irwin
irwin.78@osu.edu Agricultural, Environmental, & Development Economics Land Use Economics, Urban Economics, Environmental Economics, Applied Spatial Analysis
Kristin Jaeger
Assistant Professor
jaeger.48@osu.edu School of Environment & Natural Resources Stream Channel Morphology & Flow Regimes
H. Allen Klaiber
Associate Professor
klaiber.16@osu.edu Agricultural, Environmental, & Development Economics Environmental Economics, Applied Econometrics, Nonmarket Valuation, Land Use
Rattan Lal
lal.1@osu.edu School of Environment & Natural Resources Soil Processes & Greenhouse Effects, Soil Wetness & Anaerobiosis