Ohio’s bees are a honey, and then some: Get a new guide to know them

Ohio’s bees are more than honey bees. They’re bumble bees, carpenter bees, cuckoo bees and others, and you can identify more than a dozen of them — types you’re likely to see in your garden — using a new pocket guide from CFAES.

“Common Bees of Ohio,” a 4-by-6-inch laminated card, is meant to raise awareness of pollinators — bees and their buddies — and the good they do in yards, in nature, and for food and farms.

“Bees are essential pollinators,” said the card’s developer, Denise Ellsworth, who’s the program director of the Honey Bee and Native Pollinator Education Program based at OARDC in Wooster. “They’re beautiful, important and diverse creatures that positively impact our lives.”

The card is available in quantities of 25 — good for handing out to garden clubs, farm groups and the like — for $9.99 from the college’s online store at go.osu.edu/BeeID.

“Bees are beautiful, important and diverse creatures that positively impact our lives.”—Denise Ellsworth

Originally created for pollinator study

  • Ellsworth initially created the card as an in-the-field ID aid for about 100 citizen scientists who are helping her with a pollinator study.
  • Details on Ellsworth’s work are on CFAES’s Bee Lab website at u.osu.edu/beelab/.
  • To contact the source: Denise Ellsworth at ellsworth.2@osu.edu