How to grow grass even greener

Green lawns, clean water and healthy honey bees can go hand in hand. The 13th annual Northeast Ohio Lawn Care Seminar helped show how.

Held in June at OARDC, the event gave training to the region’s lawn care and landscape professionals. It featured new ways to keep things green — in more ways than one — by experts from OARDC and from industry. Its sponsor was the Ohio Lawn Care Association.

Sessions focused on environmentally sound maintenance practices, said the event’s program planner, Joe Rimelspach, technical adviser to the association and a turfgrass pathology specialist with OARDC’s outreach partner, OSU Extension.

“People in the industry really want to do things the best way possible — the most environmentally sound way,” he said. “This is one of the ways OLCA helps them do it.”

“People in the industry really want to do things the best way possible—the most environmentally sound way.”—Joe Rimelspach

Good for people, water, bees

  • Included in the program were talks on how to protect honey bees, how to help bees by growing certain landscape plants, and how to keep pesticide and fertilizer granules from washing into storm sewers and polluting lakes and streams.
  • Sessions also covered such topics as weed management, insect management on trees and shrubs, accurate spray techniques, and new equipment and products.
  • Among the speakers was OARDC honey bee expert Reed Johnson, who presented “An Overview of the Problems Facing Bees: OSU Research and What Can Be Done to Improve the Situation.”
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