CFAES facility in southern Ohio celebrates 25 years

For the past quarter-century, a small southern Ohio village has hosted a center with university scientists conducting world-class agricultural research, and area entrepreneurs have thrived thanks to guidance from the center’s expert marketing and development specialists.

It was Oct. 1, 1991, when CFAES’s Ohio State University South Centers first opened its doors. Then known as the Piketon Research and Extension Center, the facility was designed to help Ohio State expand its land-grant mission of providing scientific study and outreach in the area.

“Having the center here in southern Ohio brings ideas and opportunities to the local region,” said Tom Worley, who started at the center in 2000 and became director in 2005. “And even though we focus on southern Ohio, many of our efforts have an impact across the state and the nation, as well as internationally.

“That’s ultimately what the university does, bring new ideas and concepts and provide leadership to bring people together that can spawn even newer and different applications.”

“Having the center here brings ideas and opportunities to the region.”—Tom Worley

Growing the region’s success

  • The center hosted an anniversary open house on Sept. 15.
  • Visitors took wagon and walking tours, got firsthand looks at the center’s extensive facilities, and talked to scientists and specialists working in the center’s areas of focus: aquaculture, business, horticulture, and soil and bioenergy.
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