Martin to lead Field to Faucet water program, has ‘ability to bring people together’

OARDC scientist Jay Martin, pictured, has been picked to lead Ohio State’s Field to Faucet water quality program. A response to last summer’s Toledo water crisis and the ongoing harmful algal bloom problems in Lake Erie and other lakes, the new program aims to ensure safe drinking water for all Ohioans while maintaining productive, profitable farming.

“Solving the water quality problem in Ohio will take many minds,” said CFAES Dean Bruce McPheron. “Jay has the ability to bring people together.”

Martin is an ecological engineering professor in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering. For the past 10 years, he has focused his research on the Lake Erie basin in concert with scientists from a wide range of disciplines.

He did his Ph.D. dissertation at Louisiana State University on the interdisciplinary nature of protecting coastal areas. Through that research, he said, “It became obvious that working with the people was the key to success.”

“Solving the water quality problem will take many minds. Jay has the ability to bring people together.”—Bruce McPheron

Safe water, productive farming

  • McPheron and CFAES put $1 million toward Field to Faucet after dangerous microcystin levels in Lake Erie shut down Toledo’s water supply for two days last summer.
  • Microcystin is a toxin made by certain algae. Nutrient runoff from farms, especially of phosphorus, can cause major blooms of those algae.
  • To contact the scientist: Jay Martin at

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