Statewide Research Stations

  • 228 Research Services Building 1680 Madison Avenue Wooster, OH 44691

    The mission of the Agricultural Research Stations on CFAES's Statewide Campus is to provide regional research locations throughout the State of Ohio that serve the general interest of the public by supporting the University's three land grant functions: teaching, research, and extension. Each research station provides first-class facilities and support staff to conduct specific research to support agricultural industry in the region. The research stations are recognized by clientele as a source of unbiased, research based information in agricultural and environmental sciences.

  • 2625 South Ridge East, P.O. Box 467 Kingsville, OH 44048

    The newest of CFAES's statewide research sites, the Ashtabula Agricultural Research Station was established in 1985, after the Ohio legislature appropriated funds for CFAES to set up a grape research farm. The Ashtabula county commissioners entered into a long-term lease agreement with The Ohio State University for 25 acres of the former county home farmland. Over the years, CFAES has built trellised vineyards, two operations buildings, a cold storage facility and an automated weather station on the site.

  • 16870 TR 126 Caldwell, OH 43724

    The Eastern Agricultural Research Station was established in 1965 through the purchase of a 728-acre block of hilly land near Belle Valley in Noble County. This land, along with 40 acres acquired later, is known as Unit I. The Station's size was significantly increased in 1966, when the Union Carbide Corporation and the Baker-Noon Coal Company donated 1,325 acres that had been extensively strip-mined for coal. This area, known as Unit II, was the subject of land reclamation experiments through the 1990s.

  • 019 Standpipe Road Jackson, OH 45640

    The Jackson Agricultural Research Station was established in 1968, when the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center signed a 40-year lease for 334 acres belonging to the former Jackson County Home Farm. The size of the Station was expanded through the purchase of an additional 158 acres by the state of Ohio. The lease with Jackson County was renewed in 2008.

  • 4875 SR 103 S. Willard, OH 44890

    The oldest among the Agricultural Research Stations on CFAES's Statewide Campus, the Muck Crops Agricultural Research Station was established in 1948. A group of area producers called the Golden Rule Association purchased and donated 15.5 acres of prime muck soil near Celeryville to the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station for use as an experimental farm. In 2009, new facilities were built, including offices, a workshop, storage areas, a laboratory with digital microscopes, and a new greenhouse.

  • 1165 Gonawein Fremont, OH 43420

    The North Central Agricultural Research Station was established in 1978. Initially focused on the Lake Erie region's processing tomato industry, the Station's activities have expanded over the past two decades to include research on other vegetable crops, both for processing and fresh-market uses. The facility is equipped with modern buildings, two greenhouses, and a deep well for irrigation. Research at North Central is greatly influenced by local and regional stakeholders, processors, and university faculty and by the Station's Advisory Committee.

  • 4240 Range Line Road Custar, OH 43511

    The Northwest Agricultural Research Station was established in 1951, when the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center acquired 247 acres near Hoytville in southwestern Wood County. Part of an ancient lakebed, this region's soils pose production challenges due to their high clay content and extremely flat topography. Ohio State scientists continue to assist area farmers with their unique soil and production issues, helping them boost profitability and environmental stewardship.

  • 24515 State Route 621 Coshocton, OH 43812

    In 1971, Walter and Warner Pomerene donated 227 acres of land in Coshocton County to OARDC for forestry research. Forestry scientists in the School of Environment and Natural Resources established an ambitious research program and began their studies at what became the Pomerene Forest Laboratory.

  • 7721 S. Charleston Pike South Charleston, OH 45368

    The Western Agricultural Research Station was established in 1958 on 428 acres north of South Charleston in Clark County. It houses one of the world's oldest no-till experimental plots, started by Ohio State scientists in the early 1960s. The renovated barns that used to house the Station were replaced with new facilities in 2008. Included are offices, a workshop, a conference room, and seed and machinery storage areas.