Message from the Director

At the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, we bring knowledge to life with top scientists and facilities. Our outstanding research makes a difference in the world around us. At the OARDC you'll find examples of:

  • Preeminent scientists. OARDC researchers are world leaders in their disciplines who make a difference in their own communities and around the world. Rattan Lal's work in managing and protecting soils has earned him the prestigious Liebig Applied Soil Science Award from the World Congress of Soil Science, the Norman E. Borlaug Award and the international M.S. Swaminathan Award.
  • Strong businesses. Our emerging BioHio Research Park is the first business and technology center in Ohio aimed at capitalizing on the enormous potential of the agricultural biosciences and transforming it into new commercial ventures and jobs. BioHio has already led to collaborations with Cleveland-based Schmack Bioenergy.
  • Economic impact. OARDC's research brings dollars and jobs into Ohio's economy. The soybean program alone generates $191 million in economic output each year and supports more than 4,000 jobs. Food-grade varieties of soybeans developed by OARDC breeders account for 87 percent of food-grade soybeans grown in Ohio.

We focus our work on three signature areas:

  • Advanced Bioenergy and Biobased Products. As the importance of renewable sources for energy and materials increases, research and industry partnerships come together in this signature area to develop biomass-based advanced energy technologies and value-added biobased products such as fuels, specialty chemicals, and fiber products.
  • Environmental Quality and Sustainability. Work in this signature area seeks to understand, protect, and remediate the environment and ecosystems to ensure long-term sustainability. At the core of this effort is the realization that sustaining population and economic growth must be balanced with the preservation of natural resources and environmental assets.
  • Food Security, Production and Human Health. This signature area focuses on improving agricultural production; enhancing the quality of food and feed; ensuring an adequate, affordable, and safe food supply; and maintaining agrosecurity to ensure food security and the basics of nutritional health for a growing global population.

We hope you find this web site to be informative. Thank you for your continued support of OARDC.