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Diagnostic assays are essential to the health of food animals and plants, and the safety and security of our food supply. Diagnostic assays for infectious pathogens are indispensable for veterinarians, commodity groups, biologics companies, state and local diagnostic facilities, producers and federal agencies. The strengths of the Center lie in the existing diagnostic assays and the support of these assays by validation panels and libraries of strains in each investigator’s laboratory. Furthermore, some of the intellectual property has been protected by invention disclosures and patents.

The Center objectives are:

  1. To provide an opportunity for the commercialization of existing technologies and intellectual property related to diagnostics by attracting new industries to Ohio.
  2. To validate and improve diagnostic reagents and assays currently in development, to explore the development of new molecular based diagnostic assays and to establish new collaborations between veterinary and plant scientists.
  3. To protect our diagnostic reagents and assays through invention disclosures and patents where appropriate.

Molecular-based diagnostic assays have already been developed for several infectious agents including Mycobacterium, prion proteins, E. coli 0157, Bovine torovirus (BToV), infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) (Patent #6,114,112), vvIBDV (Patent pending), as well as biological control agents Trichoderma hamatum 382, and DAPG producing Pseudomonas fluorescens. Diagnostic assays in development include those for Mollicutes (phytoplasma species), soybean rust pathogen, soybean root pathogens, Bacillus subtilis strains with plant disease biocontrol activity, Enterobacter sakazakii which causes meningitis in humans, and monoclonal antibody based BToV and vvIBDV assays.

Our strategy for addressing needs assessments is to capitalize on relationships our scientists have with the veterinary, crop and ornamental/landscape plant communities, commodity groups, private industry and government. Several team members have Extension appointments, and all the team members have direct communication with industry. The marketing and outreach goals are being met by employing the services of independent marketing consultants as well as the OSU Extension/Community Development, ATECH and Technology Licensing. With the help of individuals in these support groups, the Center will aggressively pursue patent protection and commercialization of our diagnostic reagents and technologies.

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